Month: March 2018

Week of March 28th

Tip of the Week: These are the very last butternut squashes for the season. We likely wont see them again until the end of summer. The last ones of the season are my favorite because they are the most flavorful.

Week of March 21st

Please be cautious if you are picking up at the farm when it’s raining (or has recently rained). The farm becomes one big mud puddle. Tip of the week: Remove the tops from your carrots and radishes when you receive

Week of March 14th

Tip of the week: Beets don’t have to take forever in the oven to roast. I’ve found them to steam up within 5 minutes in a pan. Our beets are super tender and still are very sweet when steamed. You

Week of March 7th

Tip of the week: Our farm is experiencing winter and it’s in full swing. Strawberry fields are freezing, crops have slowed down to a snail pace growth and the CSA boxes have turned green. Consider what greens might work well