Month: March 2019

Week of March 27th

When we buy chicks from a hatchery, we usually buy only females. Of course we get a few roosters from time to time and they’ve lived out their life pecking around with the ladies. I never gave it a second

Week of March 20th

I recently stumbled upon some health issues. I attribute it to burning the candle at both ends, and maybe lighting a fire on the side too. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to your body until it takes your feet right

Week of March 13th

I am really happy to have now fulfilled all our egg subscriptions on our wait list. If you would like to have a dozen of our organic eggs added to your subscription you can log in here at, click

Week of March 3rd

Our winter produce is holding strong. We are excited for more rain on the horizon, but it’d definitely making a big impact on the crops and we will see it unfold over the next few months. I’m really excited for