Month: May 2020

Week of May 27th

My dear community members, We are so excited to get you fava beans this week! I wanted to give a short introduction to them if you’re not familiar. They take a bit longer to prepare, but their infusion of spring

Week of May 20th

My dear community members, We appreciate the effort that has been going into breaking down your reusable box. We want to make sure you are collapsing them correctly. Please be sure to push in and guide the bottom flaps up

Week of May 13th

My dear community members, Things beyond my control kept me from updating the blog last week. As you likely noticed, we substituted red cabbage for cauliflower in the LARGE shares. I wanted to mention it since I think a lot

Week of May 6th

My dear community members, As the weather heats up it makes it difficult for even the freshest veggies to stay perky. If you open your box to find some limp greens, dunk them in cold water for a minimum of