Month: October 2020

Week of October 28th

My dear community, Envisioning the future of our farm and what the next 10 years look like gives me sincere gratitude for our CSA subscribers and farmers’ market support. Times are getting tougher for farmers to stay in the field.

Week of October 21st

My dear community, We are squeezing in one more round of sweet, juicy cantaloupe before the melon season officially ends. I found an unexpected recipe for cantaloupe sorbet below (see the last recipe in our lineup this week). As the

Week of October 14th

My dear community, Hints of fall have crept in. Nights are colder but daytime remains warm enough to ripen a bell pepper into beautiful shades of red. Whenever I see cabbage and bell peppers in the same recipe it throws

Week of October 5th

My dear community, I wanted to remind everyone that we are now selling Baba Hummus in our CSA store. Dip those veggies right into that delicious hummus as soon as you open your box. Now that’s my kind of fast