Month: April 2021

Week of April 28th

My dear community, With last year under our belt it’s been my underlying mission to make sure people are advocating for their own health. The human body is profoundly strong, powerful and resilient. This feels like a really good time

Week of April 21st

My dear community, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of local food and what it means to me. It all starts in the soil. Our soils have more microorganisms in one teaspoon than all the people living on

Week of April 14th

My dear community, Spring is here and we are welcoming strawberries and zucchini this week. Even though we planted zucchini a month earlier this year, we still didn’t receive any significant amount of squash until now. Although we try and

Week of April 7th

I’m off celebrating my son’s fifth birthday – more farm news next week. Have a great week! CSA Contains: CARROTS SUGAR SNAP PEAS RED BEETS BROCCOLI BUNCHED SPINACH RED LEAF LETTUCE GREEN CURLY KALE RED RADISHES LEEKS CELERY BIG BOX