Month: August 2021

Week of September 1st

My Dear Community, We have cipollini (chip-oh-Lee-knee) onions in our boxes this week. I like to put them in as soon as we harvest them. They are known to sprout early which makes their season very short on our farm.

Week of August 25th

My dear community, One zucchini crop took a sudden turn for the worse this week before the next crop started up. I suppose its good to mix it up even though zucchini tends to be a summer staple. Our blackberry

Week of August 18th

My dear community, As summer winds down, we’re thinking about new plantings such as cabbage and brussels sprouts. We tend to be 3 months out to keep things going regulalry. Staples such as carrots and lettuce are planted weekly to

Week of August 4th

My dear community, Strawberries have taken a hit with the heat. If you’ve received them in the last few weeks you know they’ve been softer and seem to deteriorate within hours of being picked. So we happily offer big, juicy