Year: 2022

Week of October 5th

My dear Community, As we head into fall I’m taking some time to release the busyness of summer and embrace a much needed slightly slower pace. I like to spend as much time as possible outside as we transition to

Week of September 28th

My dear Community, We’ve been busy harvesting apples from our own orchard this weekend and wow!, are they good. I’m really excited to share them with you. The core reason (pun intended) for starting our orchard about 5 years ago was to be able to

Week of September 21st

My dear Community, We are a rare lettuce-less box this week. We do have a few for our large shares and lettuce of the week subscriptions. Did you know that we hand seed each lettuce that comes out of the ground? To have lettuce ready for the boxes each

Week of September 14th

My dear Community, The heat last week didn’t do us any favors. I was hoping it would boost our crops into big productions in Buellton, but instead burnt everything to a mushy crisp. Mother Nature can be a tough teammate in the farming business.

Week of August 31st

My dear Community, I was thrown for a loop last week when our Gala apples showed up Tuesday evening. Gopher Glen Organics in Avila sent us apples that were for another project. I had to think quickly and we ended up putting zucchini in

Week of August 24th

My dear Community, I’m watching the signs of fall start to trickle in. Although fall is officially a month out, pears, apples and shorter days tell me that we’re on the way. It’s been a cooler summer in Buellton and our summer crops

Week of August 15th

My dear Community, Our blackberry crop continues to be abundant so our special is still available in our CSA store. It’s hard to predict how much longer this will last so definitely grab some if interested. The store is also stocked with melons, sweet corn, vine ripened tomatoes,

Week of August 10th

My dear Community, Blackberries are ripening in abundance and it’s hard to tell how long they will be available. But I do know that this is the week to stock up if you’d like more. Prices have been reduced in the store. The same heat that ripens the

Week of August 3rd

My dear Community, August at the farm means we’re definitely in full swing of summer. I have a sweet tooth and this week’s box definitely appeals to that side of me. It’s bursting with colors and flavors coming your way.This

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