Month: April 2022

Week of April 27th

My dear Community, Whenever I’m overwhelmed by diet culture or the latest health fads being pumped through every social or media outlet, I’m so grateful to come back to the simplicity of farming and the vegetables we grow. With my feet in the dirt I sit, connect

Week of April 20th

My dear Community, I wanted to explain what happens to account credits that are unused by CSA members. If a member quits without using all their funds we have the option to pay it forward.  Lunch on Me is one of my favorite food charities. Food is love and

Week of April 13th

My dear Community, I’ve updated our store with strawberries, blueberries and zucchini. We are just starting to pick strawberries this week so not knowing how many are available until tomorrow may affect the week’s list. The farm is finally starting

Week of April 6th

My dear Community, With warm weather this week we will undoubtedly head into strawberry season in about two weeks. Lots of new crops are starting to push forward, like zucchini, beets and more snap peas, and the near future of the CSA will be full