Month: January 2023

Week of February 1st

My dear Community, These winter months always feel the toughest on the farm. We’ve picked through the majority of our fall plantings and with the rain creating stagnant mud along with cold days, the crops don’t seem to want to grow. We’ll be supplementing from neighbors to help fill the CSA boxes this

Week of January 25th

My dear Community, Mesa neighborhood members: we’ve teamed up with Lighthouse Coffee to offer you our newest pick up location, starting Wednesday, February 1st. The fee for delivery is only $1/week. If you’d like to claim your spot for pickup, shoot us an email or log into your account here, click

Week of January 18th

My dear Community, It’s been quite a week on and off the farm. There’s nothing like a good rainstorm to help me assess the weakest links in my outdoor projects. Mother nature has been nothing short of awe inspiring this

Week of January 4th

My dear Community, Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. If you’re like me, you indulged in everything that is good about the holidays. Lots of time with loved ones, catching up on loose ends and eating too