Month: January 2022

Week of February 2nd

My dear Community, You may have noticed some changes in your CSA box last week . We were short on tomatoes but were able to substitute broccoli. We also switched broccoli for butternut in the Large shares last week. Broccoli

Week of January 26th

My dear Community, Our satsuma tangerine season abruptly came to an end. The heavy rains destroyed much of the crop that was supposed to carry us into February. I’ve had a really difficult time sourcing local fruit from our usual

Week of January 19th

My dear Community, As I walked around the perimeter of our farm in Buellton I felt a deep sense of gratitude for our farming practices. There’s probably around 80 acres of farmable land here and about half is covered in

Week of January 12th

My dear Community, Winter is in full swing here on the farm. Winter solstice was of course December 21st, but the effects are just starting to sink in. With limited sunlight hours and frosty mornings the crops are at a standstill. We pick what’s available and have

Happy New Year

My Dear Community, Here we are rolling out a New Year! I’m really looking forward to an abundance of health generated through healthy soils, organically grown fruits and veggies and freshly picked whole foods. Food is part of the health