Month: June 2022

Week of June 29th

My dear Community, We’ve been partnered with Deux bakery for over 6 years. It was love at first loaf, as one CSA member so eloquently put it. I’ve watched Wendy and Maury, the owners, take their passion from home and create a thriving business.

Week of June 20th

My dear Community, I’m seeing a few melons come out of our greenhouse crops. In my opinion though, they never taste quite as good as when things really start to heat up around here. A quick reminder that eating seasonally is not only

Week of June 15th

My dear Community, The summer produce is flowing in. With hot temperatures in Buellton where most of our fruit is grown, it’s just a matter of time before our CSA boxes and fruit expansions see it filter through. The late

Week of June 8th

My dear Community, The price of our wax cardboard boxes seem to keep rising like the price of gas. Our average box price is over $3. Friendly reminder to please return your box each week or as often as you possibly can. Take a minute