Week of July 27th

My dear Community, Looking at the harvest list this week tells me we’re in full swing of summer. The box is bursting with colors, flavors and sweetness. We spent the weekend and are continuing to harvest peaches today. We’re putting extra peaches in your

Week of July 20th

My dear Community, We’re rolling through some of the busiest and most productive times of the year. All the varieties and colors of fruits and veggies are here. We have the colors of the rainbow in our box this week.  With all the different versions of viruses

Week of July 13th

A short and sweet note today. I got hit with a pretty bad migraine and my brain cells aren’t spinning per usual. Enjoy this box of veggies and be good to each other. I’ll be back with more news next

Week of July 6th

My dear Community, Happy 4th of July. We’re working hard on the farm today as we start gathering items for the boxes this week. I’ll be picking some of the first stone fruit for our fruit expansions! Hoping to pick

Week of June 29th

My dear Community, We’ve been partnered with Deux bakery for over 6 years. It was love at first loaf, as one CSA member so eloquently put it. I’ve watched Wendy and Maury, the owners, take their passion from home and create a thriving business.

Week of June 20th

My dear Community, I’m seeing a few melons come out of our greenhouse crops. In my opinion though, they never taste quite as good as when things really start to heat up around here. A quick reminder that eating seasonally is not only

Week of June 15th

My dear Community, The summer produce is flowing in. With hot temperatures in Buellton where most of our fruit is grown, it’s just a matter of time before our CSA boxes and fruit expansions see it filter through. The late

Week of June 8th

My dear Community, The price of our wax cardboard boxes seem to keep rising like the price of gas. Our average box price is over $3. Friendly reminder to please return your box each week or as often as you possibly can. Take a minute

Week of June 1st

My dear Community, I had the opportunity to give a farm tour this weekend. In preparation, I decided to sit down with and informally interview my father-in-law, John Givens. I wanted to solidify my knowledge of the history of the farm and learn his

Week of May 25th

My dear Community, I watched the Ted Talk by Dr. Terry Wahls. She shares her own life experience with her debilitating multiple sclerosis. She had the chance to see all the best doctors and yet with conventional medicine she was only able to slow down the progression of

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