Week of May 26th

My dear community, I wanted to take this time to remind everyone the Save the San Marcos Foothills Foundation still needs your support. The Foothills Forever Campaign has raised over $10 million in just 10 weeks, and with solid community

Week of May 18th

My dear community, We are in full swing here as all things spring have emerged. With so many delicious and nutritious foods coming from the farm I’m looking for how to further connect our community. Local food security not only

Week of May 12th

My dear community, Spring and summer’s vegetables are less hearty so I’m circling back with tips for quick and easy prep. Wash and dry (or spin) and chop lettuce and toss it with some chopped herbs and put into a

Week of May 5th

My dear community, Living on the farm and dealing with day to day life I’m constantly thinking about what the future will look like. We are already established with organic farming practices, a huge composting system and a forward thinking

Week of April 28th

My dear community, With last year under our belt it’s been my underlying mission to make sure people are advocating for their own health. The human body is profoundly strong, powerful and resilient. This feels like a really good time

Week of April 21st

My dear community, I’ve been thinking a lot about the importance of local food and what it means to me. It all starts in the soil. Our soils have more microorganisms in one teaspoon than all the people living on

Week of April 14th

My dear community, Spring is here and we are welcoming strawberries and zucchini this week. Even though we planted zucchini a month earlier this year, we still didn’t receive any significant amount of squash until now. Although we try and

Week of April 7th

I’m off celebrating my son’s fifth birthday – more farm news next week. Have a great week! CSA Contains: CARROTS SUGAR SNAP PEAS RED BEETS BROCCOLI BUNCHED SPINACH RED LEAF LETTUCE GREEN CURLY KALE RED RADISHES LEEKS CELERY BIG BOX

Week of March 31st

My dear community, As we round the corner into spring it may feel like the CSA box is taking time to catch up. But as the days (and especially nights) warm up we will be able to harvest enough spring

Week of March 24th

My dear community, Just a quick note to say thanks. We so appreciate you being a part of our CSA program and spreading the word. For every member that signs up with a referal (and stays on for at least

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