Week of January 11th – cancelled

My dear Community,

I was wondering if we were going to be able to run our CSA program this week when I woke up this morning. Although Wednesday looks clear for takeoff, most of the work and planning is done in on Mondays and Tuesdays. Heavy rains make it impossible to get into the fields and see what’s available, so chances are the list won’t be available until tomorrow. A question I keep hearing is, “is the rain good for the farm?”. The answer of course is YES. Without precious rain our farm would ultimately come to an end. But the rain also presents many challenges which won’t fully develop for a few months. Crops come to a halt when sitting in mud so production slows down. It’s also impossible to run a tractor in the field or plant anything. We’ll be spending the better part of spring time repairing the damages I’m sure. CSA production and deliveries are cumbersome in the rain so thank you for your patience last week as we got everything done later than usual. I’m continuing to do my rain dance as it falls from the sky. Regardless of the extra work, it’s so needed.

In case you didn’t receive my email blast last week, we’ve teamed up with a local Gluten Free bakery called Loca Vivant.  I chose this bakery because they are dedicated to both the flavor and nutritional value of food while using seasonal, local and organic ingredients whenever possible. They make food by hand, in small batches, and with love! You can definitely taste the difference. I’m not new to GF, but I’m new to the logistics behind it. Gluten free baking really cannot compete with wheat-based baking on price, as GF ingredients tend to be more expensive, each recipe requires a custom blend of flours to get the right texture and flavor (plus additional labor to blend), and GF dough tends to be sticky and not amenable to basic automation (e.g., dough dividing/shaping equipment). I’ve tried all their goodies and hope that you enjoy the convenience of GF products made especially for you. All orders must be placed before 7am on Monday, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Be good to each other. 


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