Something Good Organics' CSA Service Policy Agreement between Farmer and CSA Member

Please read this carefully and keep for future reference.

The Philosophy of CSA

Community Supported Agriculture is a relationship beyond a simple exchange of organic produce for cash. It is based on mutual respect between CSA members and the farm community. It is very important that our CSA members be mindful of a few things:

§ We begin planting and tending crops for you months before you see them in your boxes. Each box represents the work and attention to detail of dozens of people who grow, harvest, wash, pack and deliver your prepaid boxes. We guarantee that the produce will be fresh and delicious on your pick up day.

§ Whether you pick up your box on time or not, the box was ready for you and we cannot offer credits for a failure to pick up your box unless you have given us 2 days notice in advance.

§ When you come to pick up your share at the farm, PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL. The speed limit on the farm is 5mph. We have a lot of workers, trucks and tractors coming in and out of the farm along with a lot of crops that don't need to be dusted by high speed cars. Please use your common sense when picking up your CSA box at any location and be respectful. 

Farm Policies

Signing Up - When you sign up, a secure, online member profile is created for you with your share options, your pick-up location, and your account activity. You can view and edit your account, change your pick up location, credit card info, or password and even place a vacation or suspension hold just by signing in to your account. A brand new subscription order takes 48 hours to process. If you do not order your box at least two days before our pickup day (Wednesday), it will not be available until the following week. Please contact us with any questions about this policy. Do not plan on coming to pick up your box until you have been confirmed.

Payments - We bill your Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card as your subscription becomes due. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely by

If you prefer to pay by check, make your check payable to: Something Good Organics. Mail to: 720 Ward Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93111 ATTN: Carolyn Givens.

Subscribers pay in advance, and have the option of five different payment plans: a 3-box subscription, a 6-box subscription, a 12-box subscription, a 26-box subscription, or a 52-box subscription. 5% discounts are given to semi-annual (26-box) payers and a 10% discount for annual (52-box) payers. All returned checks will be assessed a $25.00 service fee, and your service will be suspended until your account is current.

Picking Up Your Order - Please remember to pick up your order or have a friend or family member do so on your designated pickup day. Each box represents the work of many people to harvest, pack and deliver your produce. We guarantee that the fruits and vegetables will be fresh and delicious while you agree to pick up said produce on your designated delivery day within the specified pick-up times. It is completely at the host’s discretion as to whether they can accommodate late pick-ups.

Missing Your Pick Up - If you miss your pick up, make sure to notify me immediately. We usually can accommodate late pickups at the farm, but can not guarantee your box will be available after the pick up day if you are picking up at our other locations. We’re sorry but we cannot give a credit for boxes that are not picked up; but don’t worry, the produce will not go to waste.

Changing Your Pick Up Location - If you want to change your pick up location, please do so 2 days before your pick up day.

Vacation and Suspension Holds - You may put your delivery on hold by logging into your account. We like to be flexible and understand you have different needs. When members forget to give us adequate notice for a vacation hold, we encourage them to gift their box to family or friends. If this happens make sure to instruct your designated person to double check they are taking the correct box and make sure they know the rules of the pickup location. Members may also notify Carolyn if they would prefer to donate their week’s box to a local food shelter in Santa Barbara.

Communications - Our CSA phone (805-451-8451) and e-mail ( are available to you during regular business hours. If you send a request via e-mail and do not hear back from us, please be aware that we may NOT have received your inquiry. IF you do not hear from us, we did not hear from you. A copy of our weekly newsletter, "What's in the Box?", will be communicated to you via email. Please, please, please read our newsletter, this is our ONLY means of communicating to all our membership about changes in delivery dates, prices and special events or offers. We cannot be responsible for problems you experience as a result of not reading the newsletter.

We treasure receiving your lovely cards and notes with your payments. However, problems, complaints, and requests should be made promptly by phone or e-mail. Do not leave these kinds of communications on the sign-off sheets, or with anything that is sent via US Mail, as these are sometimes much delayed.

Cancellations - We know the CSA is not for everyone. There are no refunds with your CSA subscription. If you do not wish to continue and still have boxes remaining, consider gifting them to a family or friend. We can also donate your subscription to our local food shelter. Failure to pick up your box is not notice of cancellation. A non-confirmed e-mail is not sufficient notice of cancellation.

Holiday Changes - We will give you plenty of notice about holiday date changes.

Returning Your Box - Please return your old box when you pick up your next box to your pick up location. We reuse the boxes and they CANNOT be recycled because of their wax coating. PLEASE please return the boxes to us.

Privacy Policy - We do not sell, rent or give our email list, customer list or any personal or financial information to anyone. EVER!

Our Guarantee – If you are disappointed, so are we! We endeavor to deliver only quality, delicious produce. Please let us know promptly (within 24 hours) if any item does not meet this standard.

Thank You! - Your membership to Something Good Organics reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network and supports 100% organic farming. Thank you and here's to your health.