About Us

As a local, small business, we take pride in supporting John Givens Farm through Something Good by offering freshly picked, 100% organic produce at unbeatable prices. Connecting you with the food grown right in your community is our passion, and for three decades, our farm has been a cornerstone in the Santa Barbara area. Your support fuels our commitment to cultivating Certified Organic Produce for our community. Come rain or shine, we're dedicated to delivering the freshest vegetables straight to your table.


Something Good provides the same organic fruits and veggies John Givens Farm has been growing for our community since the late 70s. He was one of the very first to sell produce at the Santa Barbara farmers market. Over 40 years later, we're still growing some of the best produce around. Certified organic, locally grown, and absolutely delicious.

Committed to Sustainability

For over four decades, our commitment has been to provide the local community with sustainably cultivated, certified organic produce year-round. Central to this mission is our dedication to maintaining the health of our soils.

Through meticulous practices such as crop rotation, the cultivation of cover crops, and a comprehensive composting system, we continuously enrich our soil. These efforts not only fortify our commitment to sustainable farming but also ensure the highest quality of produce for our community.


Meet Our Crew

Owner & Operator

Carolyn's passion lies in food freedom, harmony with mother earth and healthy eating. When she's not running the CSA program, you can find her tending to about 200 chickens, being a mom of two boys, and practicing her health coaching program.

Crew Member

An integral part of our crew. Sara helps me manage the team and is here days before we put actually put the boxes together to ensure everything's in order for the upcoming CSA week. Give her a "thank you" next time you see her–she's the one boxing up your delicious veggies!

Delivery Driver

Our CSA deliveries couldn't run without Christina! She's our Goleta delivery girl and beyond, and we're so grateful to have her. If you're home on delivery day, be sure to come out and say hello, especially if you have a dog she can meet!

Farm Crew

Paco manages our farm dock and makes sure the CSA order is picked and ready to pack on Wednesdays. Make sure to send a "thank you" his way next time you see him at the farm!

Farm Crew

Danielle is a super talented juggler, a bee whisperer that runs hives across the county and helps cultivate community gardens. We're so lucky to have her as part of our team to help pack the boxes every week.

Farm Crew

When Luciano isn't out hiking the Pacific Crest trail or cooking professionally, we're delighted to have him as our Santa Barbara delivery guy. He's here early in the morning to late in the afternoon making sure you have your box of veggies.

We're Hiring!

We're always on the lookout for fresh talent to join our farm-ily. Send us a note with your experience/resume and we'll be in touch!


Our passion is connecting kids with the food that's grown right in their community, and getting them excited to eat more fruits and veggies!  

Along with in-person farm tours (a fantastic field trip!), families can enjoy the perks of seasonal eating and a free pick-up spot for their produce, but for every box delivered to the school, a portion of the proceeds will be donated directly back to the school.

Contact carolyn@somethinggoodorganics.com to discuss how we can partner with your school to become a drop-off spot